Heartburn Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of Heartburn may include:

  • Burning feeling in the chest. This usually occurs after eating. It can last either a few minutes or even several hours.
  • You may also experience chest pain, usually also after eating. If you think your chest pain is unexplained, meaning you don’t know what could be causing it, you should seek immediate medical attention. Never assume your chest pain is associated to heartburn until a doctor confirms it is. Chest pain could also be a sign of a more serious and possibly life-threatening condition.
  • Burning feeling in your throat. This could also be accompanied by and acid or salty tasting fluid.
  • You may also experience difficulty when you try to swallow.
  • Also, in some cases you may feel like your food is "sticking" to the middle of your chest or throat.
  • Heartburn may also make you cough repeatedly, as well as experience a sore throat, or even hoarseness of your voice.

You should seek medical attention from a gastroenterologist if you have symptoms of heartburn.

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