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Tampa FL 33607
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Medical School: University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine - 1989
Accepts Medicare: Yes
Participates In eRX: No
Participates In PQRS: Yes
Participates In EHR: Yes
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NPI: 1952374498
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207X00000X 207XX0801X

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Getting what you need from the hospital to succeed as a traumatologist. - Journal of orthopaedic trauma
Currently, the market for orthopaedic trauma surgeons is varied. The market consists of university employed, university private, medical group employed, medical group private, private employed, private contracted, and private. Each option has its positives and negatives. The orthopaedic trauma surgeon needs to determine which setting is appropriate for his/her given needs and wants. An experienced mentor(s) is invaluable for advice and guidance. The surgeon then needs to find an administrative leader to initiate, implement, and evaluate certain processes to succeed.
Orthopaedic trauma career and employment horizons: identification of career destinations and opportunities. - Journal of orthopaedic trauma
The trauma opportunities: The numbers are 260 verified sites (American College of Surgeons), 1100 Centers performing as Regional or Community Trauma Centers currently in the continental 48 states, and 3256 hospitals performing in-patient orthopaedic surgery. Orthopaedic trauma surgeons still represent <10% of the total national surgeon complement. This component speaks to the demand side. Presently, there are >60 Traumatology Fellows annually. This represents the supply side that has the potential to graduate in 2013 and beyond. These individuals face a wide variety of career options not previously available to past generations, but one has to know the business model differentiators to be successful: employed-employee (most common, least sustainable historically); employed-partner; partner-contract for service; partner-private practice; private practice-hospital partner (least common, most productive).
Real-world solutions for orthopaedic on-call problems. - Instructional course lectures
An increasing percentage of emergency departments are reporting an inadequate number of on-call specialists. This situation is causing a growing crisis in emergency department on-call coverage for patients requiring orthopaedic care. Many orthopaedic surgeons are electing to opt out of emergency department on-call service. For many reasons, including a dwindling supply of eager participants, more medical groups are finding it difficult to fulfill their on-call obligations. This problem demands a variety of strategies to address the multiple causative factors that occur in practice settings. Initially, it may be necessary to incentivize on-call service so more surgeons are willing to participate. Incentives may include improving the group governance and bylaws to avoid confusion on the rules for providing on-call coverage. The on-call experience may require financial improvements, outsourcing with locum tenens, or a complete restructuring of the on-call arrangement with the formation of a hospitalist program.
Improvement of external fixator performance in type C pelvic ring injuries by plating of the pubic symphysis: an experimental study on 12 external fixators. - The Journal of trauma
In an earlier study, we introduced a pelvic ring stability criterion for weightbearing stabilization. In a loading test, however, current external fixation systems alone did not meet this criterion. Internal fixation of the dorsal ring can significantly increase stability, but the condition of severely injured patients is often a contraindication for major surgery. The aim of this study is to optimize external pelvic ring fixation without dorsal ring stabilization to allow weightbearing in early mobilization of patients with unstable pelvic ring injuries.The stiffness of external fixation systems alone and in combination with one or two anterior plates was measured by using a pelvic replica with a type C pelvic ring injury. Endpoints were 15 mm of dislocation or tolerance of 560 N.Addition of one plate at least doubles stiffness, whereas two-plate fixation results in at least a fourfold stiffer configuration. Frame configurations profit more than single-bar systems, and all but one system resist the weightbearing load after double-plating of the pubic symphysis.The choice of double-plate fixation of the anterior ring in addition to external fixation results in weightbearing capacity.

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