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Task-Oriented Exercise to Reduce ADL Disability in Vulnerable Elderly: A Feasibility Study of 3-Step Workout for Life. - Journal of aging and physical activity
The purpose of this feasibility study was to evaluate the 3-Step Workout for Life, a 10-week exercise program which included moderate intensity muscle strength training followed by task-oriented training. Fourteen participants completed the program (Mean age = 73 years; SD = 6.83). Results of the Box and Block test (Z = -2.24, p = .03) and 30-second chair stand test (Z = -2.21, p = .03) indicate improved physical functioning of the upper and lower extremities. More importantly, results of the function component from the Late-Life Function and Disability Instrument (Z = -2.04, p = .04) and motor skills scale from the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (Z = -2.97, p = .003) indicate subjective and objective improvements on performing activities of daily living. Supplementing moderate-intensity muscle strength exercise with task-oriented training components is feasible. Preliminary data support the effectiveness of 3-Step Workout for Life in reducing late-life disability.
Child behavior problems and parental well-being in families of children with autism: the mediating role of mindfulness and acceptance. - American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities
Few research studies have explored how the level of a child's behavior problems leads to psychological distress in parents of children with autism. The authors explored whether psychological acceptance and mindfulness mediated this relationship between child behavior and parental distress. Seventy-one mothers and 39 fathers of children with autism participated, by reporting on their own positive and negative psychological well-being and their child's behavior problems. Psychological acceptance was found to act as a mediator variable for maternal anxiety, depression, and stress, and for paternal depression. General mindfulness and mindful parenting had significant mediation effects for maternal anxiety, depression, and stress. These results contribute to evidence that mindfulness and acceptance may be important parental psychological processes, with implications for parent support.
Does language dominance affect cognitive performance in bilinguals? Lifespan evidence from preschoolers through older adults on card sorting, Simon, and metalinguistic tasks. - Frontiers in psychology
This study explores the extent to which a bilingual advantage can be observed for three tasks in an established population of fully fluent bilinguals from childhood through adulthood. Welsh-English simultaneous and early sequential bilinguals, as well as English monolinguals, aged 3 years through older adults, were tested on three sets of cognitive and executive function tasks. Bilinguals were Welsh-dominant, balanced, or English-dominant, with only Welsh, Welsh and English, or only English at home. Card sorting, Simon, and a metalinguistic judgment task (650, 557, and 354 participants, respectively) reveal little support for a bilingual advantage, either in relation to control or globally. Primarily there is no difference in performance across groups, but there is occasionally better performance by monolinguals or persons dominant in the language being tested, and in one case-in one condition and in one age group-lower performance by the monolinguals. The lack of evidence for a bilingual advantage in these simultaneous and early sequential bilinguals suggests the need for much closer scrutiny of what type of bilingual might demonstrate the reported effects, under what conditions, and why.
Gender differences when parenting children with autism spectrum disorders: a multilevel modeling approach. - Journal of autism and developmental disorders
Parenting a child with autism may differentially affect mothers and fathers. Existing studies of mother-father differences often ignore the interdependence of data within families. We investigated gender differences within-families using multilevel linear modeling. Mothers and fathers of children with autism (161 couples) reported on their own well-being, and their child's functioning. Mothers reported higher levels of distress compared with fathers, and child behavior problems predicted psychological distress for both mothers and fathers. We found little evidence of child functioning variables affecting mothers and fathers differently. Gender differences in the impact of child autism on parents appear to be robust. More family systems research is required to fully understand these gender differences and the implications for family support.
Orthostatic tremor. - Practical neurology
Orthostatic tremor is characterised by a feeling of unsteadiness that is accompanied by a high frequency (13-18 Hz) tremor of the legs when standing, and which is relieved by sitting or walking. We describe a typical patient whose condition gradually progressed so that eventually he could no longer stand still. We discuss the clinical features, management and pathogenesis, and highlight the need for awareness of this condition because the diagnosis is often missed or delayed.
The alternate forms reliability of the Oucher pain scale. - Pain management nursing : official journal of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses
The purpose of this study was to determine the adequacy of the alternate forms reliability of three versions of the Oucher pain scale. Because the original large-sized posters were unwieldy for use by nurses with children in clinical settings, it became necessary to reduce it in size. To determine whether the resulting tools were psychometrically equivalent to the original versions of the Oucher, this study was undertaken. In a group of 3- to 12-year-old children who underwent surgical or dental procedures ( n = 137), scores were obtained after the procedure on small and large versions of the Oucher. The order of presentation of the two different Ouchers was randomized. Findings revealed that correlation coefficients between the scores provided for the small and large versions of the Oucher were strong, positive, and significant for the Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic versions in 3- to 12-year-old children. These results provided evidence of the adequacy of the alternate forms reliability of these scales.
Behavioral activity of catnip (Lamiaceae) essential oil components to the German cockroach (Blattodea: Blattellidae). - Journal of economic entomology
The essential oil of catnip, Nepeta cataria L., contains two isomers of nepetalactone, E,Z-and Z,E-nepetalactone, and was tested for repellent activity to adult male German cockroaches, Blattella germanica (L.), in a choice-test arena. The two isomers of nepetalactone were purified by using preparative thin-layer chromatography and tested for behavioral activity in the choice-test arena. Significant differences due to concentration were detected by analysis of variance, and the responses were compared by least-squared means analysis. The activities of the essential oil and purified isomers were compared with N,NA-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET) by a paired t-test. E,Z-Nepetalactone was the most active of the compounds tested, being significantly more active to this species than equivalent doses of DEET, the essential oil, or Z,E-nepetalactone. Antennectomized insects showed no response to concentrations that were active against intact insects.

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