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Dr. Rohtashav Dhir Md,Mph,

1011 E Saint Maartens Dr
Saint Joseph MO 64506
816 320-0185
Medical School: Other - Unknown
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License #: E-4075
NPI: 1881808715
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Drug-induced pancreatitis: a practical review. - Drugs of today (Barcelona, Spain : 1998)
Although numerous drugs have been implicated in the etiology of acute pancreatitis, literature on various aspects of drug-induced pancreatitis is sparse and limited mostly to case reports. Accurate diagnosis and management of this rare entity can be a challenge. This review discusses the clinical and epidemiological features of drug-induced pancreatitis, commonly associated drugs and conditions, possible pathogenic mechanisms, and a systematic approach to the diagnosis and management of drug-induced pancreatitis.
Erythromycin in the short- and long-term control of dyspepsia symptoms in patients with gastroparesis. - Journal of clinical gastroenterology
Few prokinetic drugs are available to treat gastroparesis. Data are limited on short-term and long-term efficacy of erythromycin as a prokinetic drug.Assess efficacy of low-dose erythromycin suspension to treat gastroparesis.Patients with dyspepsia and gastroparesis by gastric emptying study were treated with low-bulk diet and low-dose (50-100 mg 3 times a day and at bedtime) oral erythromycin suspension. Data were collected by retrospective chart review and telephone questionnaire for short- and long-term follow-up, respectively.Of 25 patients, 18 had short-term follow-up, 18 had longterm follow-up, and 14 had both. On short-term follow-up, 15 patients (83%) experienced some or dramatic improvement, while 3 (17%) experienced worsening or no change in symptoms (P = 0.005). Mean duration of long-term use was 11 +/- 7 months. On long-term followup, 12 (67%) patients noticed some or dramatic improvement, while 6 (33%) experienced worsening or no change in symptoms (P = 0.16). Correlation (0.7) between short- and long-term response was significant (P < 0.005). Of the 3 patients with poor short-term response, none did well long term. Of the 11 patients with some or dramatic response in short-term, 7 continued to have some response long term. There was no relation between gastric emptying time and response to erythromycin suspension.Treatment of gastroparesis with low-dose erythromycin and low-bulk diet results in a dramatic short-term improvement in the majority of patients. Short-term response predicts long-term response. This response may not be as great, possibly due to tachyphylaxis.

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