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Dr. Trung Phan Od

3223 E Hammer Ln
Stockton CA 95212
209 730-0827
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NPI: 1881000164
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Antimicrobial resistance in Helicobacter pylori: current situation and management strategy in Vietnam. - Journal of infection in developing countries
Increasing antimicrobial resistance to key antibiotics in Helicobacter pylori has become a main cause of treatment failures in many countries, including Vietnam. For this reason it is advisable to perform antimicrobial sensitivity tests to provide more focused regimens for H. pylori eradication. However, this approach is generally unavailable for H. pylori in Vietnam and the selection of treatment regimens is mainly based on the trend of antibiotic use in the population, resistance development in the region, and history of H. pylori eradication of patients. The aim of this review is to examine the current situation of antimicrobial resistance in Vietnam and suggest management strategies for treatment selection.
High rate of levofloxacin resistance in a background of clarithromycin- and metronidazole-resistant Helicobacter pylori in Vietnam. - International journal of antimicrobial agents
Antimicrobial resistance in Helicobacter pylori has increased worldwide and has become a major cause of treatment failure in many countries, including Vietnam. It is advisable to perform an antibiogram to provide optimal regimens for H. pylori eradication. This study evaluated the rate of antibiotic resistance to the four commonly used antibiotics against H. pylori at a tertiary care hospital in Central Vietnam and analysed point mutations in genes related to clarithromycin (CLA) and levofloxacin (LFX) resistance. A total of 92 H. pylori strains from gastric biopsy specimens were tested; 42.4% were resistant to CLA (primary, 34.2%; secondary, 73.7%), 41.3% to LFX (primary, 35.6%; secondary, 63.2%), 76.1% to metronidazole (MTZ) and 1.1% to amoxicillin. Multidrug resistance was observed in 56.5% (primary, 50.7%; secondary, 78.9%) of isolates (P<0.05). The rate of resistance to LFX was significantly higher in females than males (P<0.05). Most of the CLA- and LFX-resistant strains harboured resistance-associated mutations, with common positions at A2143G and T2182C in the 23S rRNA gene and at Asn-87 or Asp-91 in GyrA. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) increased in strains carrying quadruple mutations in their 23S rRNA gene and in strains with Asn-87 GyrA mutation (P<0.05). One high-level LFX-resistant strain (MIC=32mg/L) had new mutations with a combination of N87A, A88N and V65I. High resistance rates to CLA, MTZ and LFX discourage standard and LFX-based triple therapies as first-line treatment in Vietnam.Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. and the International Society of Chemotherapy. All rights reserved.
A Laplacian approach to multi-oriented text detection in video. - IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence
In this paper, we propose a method based on the Laplacian in the frequency domain for video text detection. Unlike many other approaches which assume that text is horizontally-oriented, our method is able to handle text of arbitrary orientation. The input image is first filtered with Fourier-Laplacian. K-means clustering is then used to identify candidate text regions based on the maximum difference. The skeleton of each connected component helps to separate the different text strings from each other. Finally, text string straightness and edge density are used for false positive elimination. Experimental results show that the proposed method is able to handle graphics text and scene text of both horizontal and nonhorizontal orientation.

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