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Histologic effects of autologous platelet gel in skin flap healing. - Archives of facial plastic surgery
To supply animal model data in the area of autologous platelet gel (APG) in the application of plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures in which clinical observation purports augmented hemostasis and optimal wound healing.Paired skin flaps were dissected on each side of the backs of 12 New Zealand white rabbits. Prior to suture closure, APG was placed in the wound bed on 1 side (hereinafter, APG wounds), and the wound bed on the other side served as a control. Punch biopsy specimens from each wound were obtained at 1-, 2-, and 3-week intervals and examined by a blinded pathologist.Histologic analysis revealed increased overall inflammation in the APG wounds, which was significant at week 3 (P = .05). The APG wounds also demonstrated significant increases in subdermal eosinophilia across the study period (P = .01). Neutrophilic and monocytic inflammation both increased over the time interval studied, but neither variable exhibited differences between control and APG wounds. No significant differences were observed in the degree of fibrosis or collagen deposition between the types of wounds.The APG wounds demonstrated increased inflammation and tissue eosinophilia compared with the control wounds. These findings underscore the observation that concentrated platelets, although autologous, have a definite effect on postsurgical inflammation in a rabbit model.
Cancer of the paranasal sinuses. - Current oncology reports
Carcinoma of the paranasal sinuses is a heterogeneous disease that is frequently locally advanced at presentation. Treatment commonly includes radical surgery followed by adjuvant therapy. Despite such aggressive therapy, the likelihood of locoregional failure is significant, resulting in poor survival, particularly with advanced tumors. In this paper, we review the recent literature in search of advances in treatment optimization. These advances include conformal radiotherapy techniques, chemotherapy, image-guided and endoscopic surgery, and surgical approaches for orbital preservation, all of which have a potential to improve the oncologic outcome as well as cosmetic and functional results. We also outline our approach in using these advances in the management of patients with these cancers.

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