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Ganglion cell loss and age-related visual loss: a cortical pooling analysis. - Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry
To evaluate the ability of the cortical pooling model to predict the effects of random, mild ganglion cell loss, we compared the predictions of the model with the age-related loss and variability in achromatic and chromatic contrast sensitivity.The relative sensitivity to small (0.5 degrees ) and large (3.0 degrees ) stimuli was compared in older (mean = 67 years, n = 27) and younger (mean = 23 years, n = 32) adults. Contrast sensitivity for modulations along the luminance, equiluminant L-cone, and equiluminant S-cone axes was assessed at the fovea and at four peripheral locations (12 degrees ).When the stimuli were large, threshold measurements obtained from all participants were reliable and well within the range of modulations along the chromatic axes that could be produced by the phosphors of the CRT. For the large stimuli, neither long- nor short-term variability increased as a function of age. Increasing the size of the stimulus did not decrease the magnitude of the age-related losses when the stimulus was chromatic, and visual losses observed with large chromatic stimuli were not different from those obtained with small achromatic stimuli. Moreover, chromatic contrast sensitivity assessments identified significant visual losses in four individuals who were not identified by achromatic contrast sensitivity assessments and only missed identifying one individual with significant losses in achromatic contrast sensitivity.The declines in achromatic and chromatic sensitivity as a function of age (0.4-0.7 dB per decade) were similar to those obtained in previous studies of achromatic and chromatic perimetry and are consistent with the loss of retinal ganglion cells reported in histologic studies. The results of this study are consistent with the predictions the cortical pooling model makes for both variability and contrast sensitivity. These findings emphasize that selective visual impairments do not necessarily reflect preferential damage to a single ganglion cell class and that it is important to include the influence of higher cortical processing when quantifying the relation between ganglion cells and visual function.

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