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Dr. Isaac Tam Md

440 East Marshall Street
West Chester PA 19380
610 968-8900
Medical School: Other - Unknown
Accepts Medicare: No
Participates In eRX: No
Participates In PQRS: No
Participates In EHR: No
License #: MD019945E
NPI: 1598791204
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A microarray-based high throughput molecular marker genotyping method: the tagged microarray marker (TAM) approach. - Nucleic acids research
A microarray-based method has been developed for scoring thousands of DNAs for a co-dominant molecular marker on a glass slide. The approach was developed to detect insertional polymorphism of transposons and works well with single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers. Biotin- terminated allele-specific PCR products are spotted unpurified onto streptavidin-coated glass slides and visualised by hybridisation of fluorescent detector oligonucleotides to tags attached to the allele- specific PCR primers. Two tagged primer oligonucleotides are used per locus and each tag is detected by hybridisation to a concatameric DNA probe labelled with multiple fluorochromes.
Synthesis and properties of cholecystokinin-releasing peptide (monitor peptide), a 61-residue trypsin inhibitor. - International journal of peptide and protein research
A 61-residue cholecystokinin-releasing peptide (monitor peptide), which was obtained from rat pancreatic juice and found to stimulate pancreatic enzyme secretion, was recently reported to inhibit bovine trypsin and to possess epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like activities, at a concentration of about 10 nM. However, monitor peptide is structurally different from the EGF family of growth factors. To investigate whether monitor peptide contains the supposed EGF-like activities, it has been synthesized together with its [Ala23, Ala47] analog. The purified peptides, which were fully characterized by a range of methods including Cf-252 ionization mass spectrometry and enzymatic digestion to establish the locations of disulfide linkages, were shown to belong to the pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor family and not to the EGF family. Neither synthetic monitor peptide nor its analog were able to compete with 125I-EGF in A-431 cells or to stimulate growth of Swiss 3T3 and NRK 49F cells, up to 1 microM concentration. However, synthetic monitor peptide was as effective as the native product in the inhibition of trypsin. Replacement of the essential Arg23 in the [Ala23, Ala47]-analog led to loss of trypsin inhibition activity.

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