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676 N Saint Clair St Ste 450
Chicago IL 60611
312 437-7850
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The DNA sequence of human chromosome 7. - Nature
Human chromosome 7 has historically received prominent attention in the human genetics community, primarily related to the search for the cystic fibrosis gene and the frequent cytogenetic changes associated with various forms of cancer. Here we present more than 153 million base pairs representing 99.4% of the euchromatic sequence of chromosome 7, the first metacentric chromosome completed so far. The sequence has excellent concordance with previously established physical and genetic maps, and it exhibits an unusual amount of segmentally duplicated sequence (8.2%), with marked differences between the two arms. Our initial analyses have identified 1,150 protein-coding genes, 605 of which have been confirmed by complementary DNA sequences, and an additional 941 pseudogenes. Of genes confirmed by transcript sequences, some are polymorphic for mutations that disrupt the reading frame.
Sequence and analysis of chromosome 4 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana. - Nature
The higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) is an important model for identifying plant genes and determining their function. To assist biological investigations and to define chromosome structure, a coordinated effort to sequence the Arabidopsis genome was initiated in late 1996. Here we report one of the first milestones of this project, the sequence of chromosome 4. Analysis of 17.38 megabases of unique sequence, representing about 17% of the genome, reveals 3,744 protein coding genes, 81 transfer RNAs and numerous repeat elements. Heterochromatic regions surrounding the putative centromere, which has not yet been completely sequenced, are characterized by an increased frequency of a variety of repeats, new repeats, reduced recombination, lowered gene density and lowered gene expression. Roughly 60% of the predicted protein-coding genes have been functionally characterized on the basis of their homology to known genes. Many genes encode predicted proteins that are homologous to human and Caenorhabditis elegans proteins.
A Rare Case of an Irreducible Patella Dislocation. - Case reports in medicine
Reports of irreducible patellar dislocations are exceedingly sparse throughout the literature. Obvious radiographic or physical exam findings including fracture or inversion of the patella are often present to explain the block to reduction. Not described previously in the literature is the instance of an irreducible patella dislocation in the setting of innocuous appearing injury imaging. We present a case of a healthy thirty-two-year-old female who sustained an irreducible lateral patella dislocation while participating in a dance aerobics class. Closed means of reduction were unsuccessful, necessitating open reduction. Intraoperative findings suggest incarceration of a nondisplaced fracture and a chondral defect as the block to reduction. Following open reduction, the patient has had no further episodes of pain or instability related to the patella at one-year follow-up. Irreducible patellar dislocations are exceedingly rare injuries, where associated osseous or chondral lesions may necessitate open reduction despite innocuous appearing initial imaging. A high index of suspicion to proceed with open reduction may limit repeated attempts at closed reduction and further injury.

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