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451 E. Health Sciences Dr Suite 6510
Davis CA 95616
530 522-2884
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Mastocytosis: the great masquerader. - Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology
Variants of mastocytosis can present with puzzling cutaneous and systemic symptoms and signs that can result in an erroneous diagnosis of idiopathic urticaria or idiopathic anayphylaxis. The molecular basis of mastocytosis is now better understood, with updated classification based on distinct growth factor and oncogene abnormalities. Elicitation of a full history and careful attention to the skin examination will usually provide the clinician enough information to deduce that the condition is not simply chronic idiopathic urticaria.
Food allergies and sensitivities. - Nutrition in clinical care : an official publication of Tufts University
The prevalence of food allergy is increasing, as is our understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Reactions may be IgE mediated, cell mediated, or a combination of the two, with the latter usually involving the skin or gastrointestinal systems. Relatively few foods are commonly involved in food allergy, despite the variety of foods in a normal diet. Suspected IgE-mediated reactions can be evaluated with skin or blood tests for specific IgE, and confirmed with food challenges if appropriate. The only current treatment for food allergy is strict avoidance and an emergency plan for accidental ingestions, but understanding the mechanisms of this disease will assist in developing new treatments for the future.
Severe rhinosinusitis. - Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology
Rhinosinusitis is diagnosed frequently in clinical practice, but the term may in fact encompass a wide spectrum of diseases. Inflammation of the nasal and sinus mucosa can arise from various causes and lead to different sequelae. Moreover, the term rhinosinusitis is more accurate than sinusitis. Causes range from a viral infection leading to the common cold to an invasive, fungal infection. An accurate diagnosis is important because effective therapy is available if recognized early and if specific therapy is used. Importantly, there is a close relationship between upper and lower airway disease and each have unique structural and functional differences that make an understanding of rhinosinusitis important not only for upper airway disease, but also for the management of asthma. All too often, rhinosinusitis becomes chronic and this becomes a challenge because medical therapy may not be sufficient to control disease. Finally, we should note that the differential diagnosis of rhinosinusitis is extensive and physicians should place heavy emphasis not only on the history, but also on appropriate imaging studies. A normal exam does not rule out the possibility of rhinosinusitis. Finally, we should emphasize that effective treatment is dependent on the etiology of the symptoms but also dependent on whether it is acute or chronic.

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