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Dr. David Brantley Iii Psyd

10130 Mallard Creek Rd Suite 300
Charlotte NC 28262
704 443-3112
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Lubeluzole and conditioned learning after cerebral ischemia. - Experimental brain research
Lubeluzole [S-4-(2-benzothiazolylmethylamino)-alpha-((3,4-difluorophenoxy)methyl)-1-piperidineethanol] reduces the severity of cerebral injury in animal models of brain ischemia. Its beneficial effects may include decreased concentration of extracellular glutamate, blockade of sodium and calcium channels, and attenuation of nitric oxide-mediated neuronal death. Previous studies have shown that global cerebral ischemia in rabbits impaired the subsequent acquisition of a trace-conditioned eyeblink reflex. Here, we examined the effect of preischemic treatment with lubeluzole on the acquisition of a trace-conditioned eyeblink response after 6.5 min of global cerebral ischemia. Three groups of rabbits underwent cerebral ischemia: one group underwent ischemia alone (I) and two groups underwent ischemia and also received lubeluzole (L(1), 1.25 mg/kg, and L(2), 2.5 mg/kg). All animals were subsequently trained using classical trace conditioning. Each training session consisted of the presentation of the conditioned stimulus (an 85-dB, 6-kHz auditory tone lasting for 100 ms) followed by a trace interval (a period of 300 ms during which no external stimulus was delivered) followed finally by the delivery of the unconditioned stimulus (a 150-ms puff of air directed at the cornea). We found that animals receiving preischemic administration of 1.25 mg/kg of lubeluzole demonstrated a significantly improved acquisition of the trace-conditioned reflex as compared to animals that did not receive lubeluzole. This finding demonstrates improved long-term neurobehavioral outcome with preischemic administration of 1.25 mg/kg of lubeluzole.

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