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Dr. Selina Rahman Md

1300 Miccosukee Rd Fsu Tmh Internal Medicine Residency Program
Tallahassee FL 32308
850 318-8250
Medical School: Other - Unknown
Accepts Medicare: No
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License #: TRN18094
NPI: 1215283288
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Access to Mammography Facilities and Detection of Breast Cancer by Screening Mammography: A GIS Approach. - International journal of cancer prevention
OBJECTIVES: The objective of the study was to examine the association between access to mammography facilities and utilization of screening mammography in an urban population. METHODS: Data on female breast cancer cases were obtained from an extensive mammography surveillance project. Distance to mammography facilities was measured by using GIS, which was followed by measuring geographical access to mammography facilities using Floating Catchment Area (FCA) method (considering all available facilities within an arbitrary radius from the woman's residence by using Arc GIS 9.0 software). RESULTS: Of 2,024 women, 91.4% were Caucasian; age ranged from 25 to 98 years; most (95%) were non-Hispanic in origin. Logistic regression found age, family history, hormone replacement therapy, physician recommendation, and breast cancer stage at diagnosis to be significant predictors of having had a previous mammogram. Women having higher access to mammography facilities were less likely to have had a previous mammogram compared to women who had low access, considering all the facilities within 10 miles (OR=0.41, CI=0.22-0.76), 30 miles (OR=0.52, CI=0.29-0.91) and 40 miles (OR=0.51, CI=0.28-0.92) radiuses. CONCLUSIONS: Physical distance to mammography facilities does not necessarily predict utilization of mammogram and greater access does not assure greater utilizations, due to constraints imposed by socio economic and cultural barriers. Future studies should focus on measuring access to mammography facilities capturing a broader dimension of access considering qualitative aspect of facilities, as well as other travel impedances.
Breast Cancer Perceptions, Knowledge and Behavioral Practices among Women Living in a Rural Community. - International journal of cancer prevention
We performed this study to assess women's perceptions, knowledge and behavioral practices for breast cancer prevention in a rural setting. A 61-item questionnaire was developed based on Health Belief Model constructs and completed by 185 women age 35 and older. Results showed significant differences in several areas including perceived susceptibility and severity. Overall knowledge was poor. In logistic regression perceived barriers and yearly clinical breast examination appeared to be significant predictors for regular screening behavior (OR=0.02, CI=0.03-0.09 and OR=0.23, CI=0.05-0.99, respectively). Behavioral interventions targeting barriers for rural women need to be designed to include consideration of specific barriers and clear information on the need for regular screening.
Social and Environmental Risk Factors for Hypertension in African Americans. - Florida public health review
This study tests the hypothesis that disparities of hypertension risk in African Americans is related to lead exposure, perceptions of racism, and stress, among urban (Roxbury, MA) and rural (Gadsden, FL) communities. Analysis of preliminary data from Phase I reveal 60% in Gadsden and 39% in Roxbury respondents self-reported having hypertension. In Gadsden 80% people did not know if their residence contained lead paint, compared to 45% in Roxbury. In Gadsden County, 58% of respondents reported experiencing racial discrimination in different settings compared with 72% in Roxbury. In regression analyses high cholesterol emerged as a significant predictors of hypertension in Gadsden County (OR=8.29, CI=1.4-49.3), whereas monthly household income (OR=0.15, CI=0.04-0.7) and diabetes (OR=6.06, CI=1.4-26.17) were significant predictors of hypertension in Roxbury after adjusting for other covariates. These preliminary findings set the stage for initiating Phase II (Phase I continues recruitment), that entail biological marker measurements to rigorously test main hypothesis.

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