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Homeschooling parents' practices and beliefs about childhood immunizations. - Vaccine
Concern over the rise of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) coupled with the increasing popularity of homeschooling makes understanding the attitudes and behaviors of homeschoolers regarding immunizations a critical area of investigation. This study was a pilot to investigate the immunization attitudes of homeschooling parents and the vaccination status of their children.In the spring of 2010, online surveys were sent to a convenience sample of 707 homeschooling parents in Western Pennsylvania with children ages 0-18 years of age. Information was collected on demographic characteristics, vaccination status of children, and attitudes toward vaccination.Surveys were returned by 18 percent of respondents, representing 396 homeschooled children. Demographic characteristics mirrored national homeschooling trends. The majority (95%) surveyed felt that education about vaccines was important. Thirty-eight percent of families had fully vaccinated children while 56% reported partial vaccination and 6% said children had received no vaccines. Respondents who fully vaccinated their children were more likely to agree that vaccinating according to the American Academy of Pediatrics was a good idea (OR: 4.8 [95% CI: 2.0-11.7]) and were more likely to comply with the recommendations of their health care provider (OR: 8.3 [95% CI: 3.6-19.1]). Respondents who vaccinated their children were more likely to believe that vaccines are safe (OR: 7.6 [95% CI: 1.0-56.2]). Beliefs about autism, thimerosal and learning disabilities did not vary significantly with vaccination status in regression analysis.While specific factors influencing vaccination practices were not identified, this study demonstrated that recommendations of physicians and the AAP do not significantly influence homeschooling vaccination practices in the pilot population. Given the results of this pilot study, more research is called for, particularly a larger study with public school controls.Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Effects of pressure on the recovery of CO2 by phase transition from a seawater system by means of multilayer gas permeable membranes. - The journal of physical chemistry. A
Using seawater doped with sodium bicarbonate and Celgard 2400 gas permeable membranes, bicarbonate ion disproportionates to carbon dioxide and carbonate when gaseous carbon dioxide is first removed from the seawater solution by diffusion through gas permeable membranes at elevated water pressures. The permeability of CO(2) by phase transition from bicarbonate solutions at pressures above 100 psi is only possible due to the use of multiple gas permeable membrane layers. The multiple layers minimize water permeability at pressures below and above the Young-Laplace bubble point of single membrane layers, however the gas permeability efficiency and rate are greatly decreased.
Parental narratives of genetic testing for hearing loss: audiologic implications for clinical work with children and families. - American journal of audiology
Few studies have examined how parents personalize the possibility of genetic hearing loss in their children and whether they actually intend to pursue testing for their child. This article addresses the audiologist's important role in the genetic testing referral and follow-up processes.Twenty-four parents whose children were referred to genetic testing for hearing loss were interviewed in depth. Parents were selected to include a diverse range of races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels. Interviews were coded and analyzed using qualitative methods.Parental associations with genetic testing included feeling personally responsible, feeling relief, and considering metaphysical attributions for their child's hearing loss. Parental attitudes were related to perceptions and experiences with deafness. Many misconceptions about genetics were also found.Audiologists need to be sensitized to parents' personal and sociocultural contexts when discussing genetic testing and should tailor informational and emotional support to parents' requirements when confronting the possibility of their child having a genetic hearing loss.
Management of carpal tunnel syndrome in the working population. - Hand clinics
CTS, which has been determined to be caused or aggravated by work, can be a complex challenge. The proper diagnosis is often elusive, as a patient may have other conditions that mimic CTS. The patient's job may be a factor in the development of symptoms, but there are a host of other risk factors that should be considered in establishing the cause of the problem. While the medical and surgical treatment of CTS is not always straightforward, dealing with the social and economic aspects of this problem can be even more complex and frustrating. Trying to coordinate vocational and psychological aspects of treatment while helping the patient to stay motivated can be far more stressful than the most difficult surgical procedure. The physician may be tempted to diagnose CTS without objective evidence or to define a problem as work related without performing the necessary investigation. Labeling a patient inappropriately may cause far more harm than good [8,17,25,27]. Do not give patients with CTS the impression that they will be "crippled for life" or totally disabled.

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