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Species-specific effect of UV-B radiation on the temporal pattern of leaf growth. - Physiologia plantarum
Recent molecular and physiological studies have demonstrated that ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B) can affect some of the processes involved in leaf growth, but the phases of leaf growth affected have not been clearly delimited. We used functional growth analysis to assess the effects of UV-B radiation on the time course of leaf growth in seedlings of two birch species (Betula pendula and Betula pubescens). Our aim was to identify the phase(s) of leaf development affected by UV-B radiation. In a greenhouse study, 1-year-old birch seedlings were subjected to three daily doses of supplemental UV-B radiation treatments (UV-B⁺) and no UV-B radiation controls (UV-B⁻). Leaf growth measurements every 2 days were complemented by assessment of other functional traits over a 4-week period at the start of the growing season. Using fitted curves, we were able to determine that the rate of leaf expansion was slowed by the UV-B⁺ treatment in leaves of B. pendula because of a slower maximum leaf growth rate compared with plants under the UV-B⁻ controls, but that compensation toward the end of the period of expansion negated this difference when leaves reached their final size. UV-B⁺ had little effect on the rate of B. pubescens leaf growth despite a larger reduction in leaf final size due to UV-B⁺ than occurred in B. pendula leaves. In conclusion, effective regulation ameliorated the effects of UV-B radiation on leaf and seedling growth in B. pendula, whereas in B. pubescens, reductions in leaf final size under UV-B⁺ were consistent with a slightly reduced rate of height growth.Copyright © Physiologia Plantarum 2011.

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