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Dr. John Goodpasture Md

1955 W Frye Rd
Chandler AZ 85224
480 283-3000
Medical School: University Of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston - 1974
Accepts Medicare: Yes
Participates In eRX: No
Participates In PQRS: Yes
Participates In EHR: No
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NPI: 1124019161
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HCPCS Code Description Average Price Average Price
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HCPCS Code:64415 Description:N block inj brachial plexus Average Price:$117.43 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:
HCPCS Code:00670 Description:Anesth spine cord surgery Average Price:$567.94 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:
HCPCS Code:01480 Description:Anesth lower leg bone surg Average Price:$188.61 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:
HCPCS Code:00630 Description:Anesth spine cord surgery Average Price:$320.14 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:
HCPCS Code:01402 Description:Anesth knee arthroplasty Average Price:$371.08 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:
HCPCS Code:00142 Description:Anesth lens surgery Average Price:$117.02 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:
HCPCS Code:00790 Description:Anesth surg upper abdomen Average Price:$278.42 Average Price Allowed
By Medicare:

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Diagnostic Radiology
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Serum circulating ICAM-1 levels are not useful to indicate active vasculitis or early renal allograft rejection. - Clinical nephrology
During inflammation, activated vascular endothelial cells and other cell types express various adhesion molecules which facilitate binding of circulating leukocytes. Serum concentration of circulating adhesion molecule ICAM-1 (c-ICAM-1) is supposed to reflect the degree of this activation. In order to evaluate the usefulness of c-ICAM-1 serum levels for assessment of disease activity in various vasculitic disorders, we examined 23 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE, n = 9). Wegener's granulomatosis (WG, n = 6), Goodpasture syndrome (GP, n = 6) and microscopic polyarteritis (MP, n = 2). Disease activity was defined by clinical criteria and by conventional laboratory data. Circulating ICAM-1 concentrations were measured during periods of active clinical vasculitis and on clinical remission. In a second part of the study, we examined whether or not c-ICAM-1 might be helpful in diagnosing acute allograft rejection early after kidney transplantation. After cadaveric kidney transplantation thirteen patients were included. Serum probes were gathered firstly after transplantation, secondly at time of histologically proven allograft rejection and finally after successful anti-rejection therapy and restored transplant function. c-ICAM-1 levels in healthy volunteers (n = 10) were 270 +/- 47 ng/ml (mean +/- SD). Patients with active vasculitis had mean serum levels of 509 +/- 71 ng/ml (SLE), 594 +/- 118 ng/ml (WG), 472 +/- 126 ng/ml (GP) and 498 ng/ml (MP) (mean +/- SD). In clinical remission, mean serum concentrations were found to be 500 +/- 99 ng/ml (SLE), 597 +/- 84 ng/ml (WG), 782 +/- 163 ng/ml (GP) and 594 ng/ml (MP) (mean +/- SD).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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