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Dr. Binh Dinh Md

7960 Grand River Rd Suit 110
Brighton MI 48114
810 447-7300
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Longitudinal study of intestinal Entamoeba histolytica infections in asymptomatic adult carriers. - Journal of clinical microbiology
To gain insight into the dynamics of intestinal Entamoeba histolytica infection, a longitudinal study was performed over an observation period of 15 months with a group of 383 randomly selected adult individuals (mean age, 38.5 years) living in an area of amebiasis endemicity in central Vietnam. Ameba infection was diagnosed by using species-specific PCR and DNA extracted directly from fecal samples. The results indicated an E. histolytica prevalence of 11.2% and an annual new infection rate of 4.1% in the study population. Follow-up of the 43 individuals who were E. histolytica positive at enrollment suggested a regular exponential decline in infection of about 3% per month and a mean half-life of infection of more than 15 months. However, the reinfection rate for this group of participants was 2.7 times higher than that predicted for the study population as a whole. Both the reappearance of the parasite after successful treatment of E. histolytica infection and changes in "genetic fingerprints" of parasites during the course of infection revealed an annual new infection rate of about 11.5%. Thus, the mean half-life of E. histolytica infection was calculated to be 12.9 months (95% confidence interval, 10.2 to 15.6 months). Notably, none of the participants developed symptoms compatible with invasive intestinal amebiasis, and only one of the subjects developed an amebic liver abscess during the observation period.
Real-time PCR for detection and differentiation of Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar in fecal samples. - Journal of clinical microbiology
A closed-tube, real-time PCR assay was developed for sensitive and specific detection and differentiation of the two closely related intestinal protozoan parasites Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar directly from human feces. The assay is performed with the LightCycler system using fluorescence-labeled detection probes and primers amplifying a 310-bp fragment from the high-copy-number, ribosomal DNA-containing ameba episome. The assay was able to detect as little as 0.1 parasite per g of feces. The two pairs of primers used were specific for the respective ameba species, and results were not influenced by the presence of other Entamoeba species even when present in exceeding amounts. PCR was evaluated using several hundred stool samples from areas of amebiasis endemicity in Vietnam and South Africa, and results were compared with those of microscopy and ameba culture. PCR was found to be significantly more sensitive than microscopy or culture, as all samples positive by microscopy and 22 out of 25 (88%) samples positive by culture were also positive by PCR, but PCR revealed a considerable number of additional E. histolytica- or E. dispar-positive samples. Compared to culture and subsequent ameba differentiation by isoenzyme analysis, PCR was 100% specific for each of the two Entamoeba species. Interestingly, the comparison with PCR revealed that culture, in particular, underestimates E. histolytica infections. Given the high sensitivity and specificity of the developed PCR assay, the inability of microscopy to distinguish between the two ameba species, and the time it takes to culture and subsequently differentiate entamoebae by isoenzyme analysis, this assay is more suitable than microscopy or culture to correctly diagnose intestinal E. histolytica or E. dispar infection.

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